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22nd December 2007

I got out a bit later than I wanted to today due to the Work's Christmas do, feeling rather fragile and decided to have a look what was around my feeders. Turned out nothing different was hungry and I was limited to Blue, Great and Coal Tits, Robin, Goldfinch and Sparrows (they eat most of the feed and cost me a fortune!). The light was very changeable and by the time the birds had relaxed a bit and got used to my bag hide, the light was pretty rubbish and I didn't manage to shoot anything I was particularly pleased with.

Two things then happened that was quite good. The first was seeing 5 Muntjac in the fields opposite my feeders. I've only ever seen them (twice) on their own and I was viewing 5 of them grazing in a farmer's field. Really good. The second thing was talking to a lady that I wave to every now and again on her way past my feeders to walk her dogs, and she stopped and asked if I wanted to photograph a Barn Owl. Of course I had to hide my immense adrenolin rush and act as cool as possible. It transpires that one is in a barn about 2 miles from me and when anyone enters the barn, it flies out missing their heads by about 3 feet! She is going to ask the landowner for permission, so maybe I don't have to travel to Norlfolk even for a glimpse of a Barn Owl.

After that, I decided to try and take some images for my "Devon Locations" web page. I aim to make the pages a bit more interesting by adding some images of the places. I opted for Yarner Wood as haven't been there for a while. Nothing has changed much there which is great. Still very quiet and serene although pretty cold.

Lots of action on the feeders though but had to make do with just watching. About 10 Coal Tits, 5 Marsh Tits, a couple of Nuthatches and a couple of fleeting visits from a GS Woodpecker made it worthwhile. Photography wise I was limited to 1/30th, wide open with ISO 400 and underexposing, so it was futile and I didn't bother trying after a few shots.

I did get to get some images but I struggle with landscape inspiration and seeing shots, but they're an improvement to my other shots I have done, so here they are.

Have a look at my persional view of Yarner Wood by clicking here


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