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First bashes at landscapes!

I went down to Lyme Regis to have a look at what opportunities were available there. This was one of the shots I managed but there are much better opportunities on the other side of the bay, but access to it depends on the tides which weren't on my side this day....

I have purchased a Lee Filter kit this week that would have perhaps been beneficial here, but this image is made up of 2 exposures and blended in CS3. Landscapes and skylines often make stunning photographs, but all too often the only camera you have with you at the time is those found on O2 Mobile Phones or pocket digital cameras. Whilst these cameras are becoming more and more advanced, they can't usually match the quality of using professional lenses and filters. Hopefully, having purchased this equipment, I will be able to have it with me when I want to capture more landscape shots, such as those shown below.

Lyme Regis

I have a lot of work to do on my landscapes as I don't naturally have the eye for composition, nor do I seem to possess the knowledge of the fundamentals when shooting landscapes. I am very determined to gain the fundamental skills to enable me to get the best shots I can when visiting the parts of the UK that i do.

Here is a couple of images that were taken at Cromer Pier in Norfolk in December, but again really lacking impact in my opinion. I think that it's the shooting angle and the composition that isn't leading the eye anywhere particular. As you can see, I have a lot of work to do, but it's quite an exciting challenge to be honest and I haven't lost faith yet which is good!

Cromer Pier, Norfolk

I also took a shot from the other side which again lacks impact which is a shame as I think this had potential had I shot from a different angle and composed it differently.

Cromer Pier, Norfolk

And here is an image from my recent visit to Norfolk. A lovely morning at first light and the sky was amazing, so did my utmost to get a shot of it.

Norfolk first light



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